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Name:Meme Underworld
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Dusk is the border between evening and night time.
People of the living world fear the dark and hide themselves.
People of the land of the dead slip into the darkness and dominate it.
People in the past said that one could meet apparitions at that time...
The time of disasters...

The ayakashi are spirits formed from dead souls and negative energy that feed on the living and drag them down into the depths of despair. The gods of this world fight to protect the people who worship them, but they are not completely safe from harm. They may be immortal because they can reincarnate, but their leaders - the Heavens - are controlling and manipulative.

Lately, the Heavens have been killing gods to force them to reincarnate. They have the ability to force the souls of sentient beings from other worlds to reincarnate as a murdered god. In dragging these souls to their world they have pulled more souls than needed away from their homes. The extra souls are being forced into becoming weapons of gods - the shinki.

What has happened to the souls of the actual gods? Who will stop the Heavens from doing whatever they want? Only time will tell. For now, enjoy your stay on...

The Far Shore                

The Far Shore is a panfandom jamjar game based on the world of Noragami where your character can either be a god or a shinki (the weapon of a god). Memory loss and power nerfing are both optional, and the game explores the silly, slice of life aspects of the series as well as the darker, more serious ones.

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